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At Western Mass Backcountry Alliance, we work tirelessly to create recreational zones that everyone can enjoy. By collaborating with private landowners, foresters, and allied nonprofits, we're able to preserve and protect these beautiful areas while also promoting sustainable, responsible outdoor activity. Our mission is to ensure that these spaces remain accessible to the public, and we do this by advocating on behalf of our membership with businesses and other organizations.

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Public Partnerships 

Backcountry skiing is a thrilling winter sport that requires robust and beautiful natural landscapes. The Western Mass Backcountry Alliance, is passionate about nature and recognize the importance of preserving the environment. Our partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has allowed us to clear two skiing zones on public land. We have done this in an environmentally responsible way that minimizes the impact on the natural surroundings. Our goal is to promote backcountry skiing while keeping it sustainable for generations to come.

Private Partners 

We work with private landowners, foresters, and allied nonprofits to create recreational zones for our memberships and public enjoyment.  The WMBA advocates on behalf of our membership with businesses to continue to have access to shared private resources. 

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Allied organizations

Since our founding, Western Mass Backcountry Alliance has been committed to preserving and expanding access to our public lands in Western Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on our partnerships with other allied groups within the Catamount Trail Association and other nonprofits. We are dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable use of these  areas for present and future generations. We encourage everyone to get involved and make a difference in their community by supporting our efforts.


WMBA's programming is tailored to prioritize community building, guided by members' survey participation. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.

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